Tomoko Tsukui – Eraser stamp artist

Born 1980 in Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture.
From the age of 15, Tomoko began carving stamps out of erasers and producing prints as a hobby.
As her skill developed, this hobby grew into a livelihood, and after graduating from Wako University she began producing order-made stamps carved from erasers and marketed under the brand name “Shokado.”
Television appearances and the publication of her first book in 2005 led to further media exposure and to hands-on workshops, talk events, and public demonstrations that drew attention to the creative possibilities of eraser stamp art.
She also developed and marketed a special brand of ink as well as a kit for making eraser-carved stamps. Since that time, she has continued to expand the range of materials and applications for prints and other artwork made from stamps.
In 2012, she began displaying her stamp-based artwork in galleries and exhibitions throughout Japan and overseas, featuring her original “Hanbyo” technique, in which different eraser stamps are combined to create original prints and artwork.
In recent years, she has expanded her work to the field of interior design, producing stamp-based frescoes.
Since 2013, she has been living in the seaside resort town of Atami, in Shizuoka Prefecture, where she works out of her home studio.

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I’m happy to travel to any part of the world if you support the travel and accommodation costs.
Online workshops are also possible using Zoom or LINE.

The tools and materials needed for these workshops are also available for sale.
I can only speak a little English, so a Japanese interpreter is required.

It takes about 2 hours for about 10 people at a time to learn the basics and make some stamps.


You can order any of the following

・Hand carved eraser stamps

・Picture works drawn with stamps

The design fee depends on whether it is an adaptation of existing works or a completely new work.

And the size and detail of the artwork will determine the price.
Please refer to my Gallery page for a selection of my past work.
I am also happy to work within your budget.
Orders for product design and illustration are also accepted.

Please feel free to contact me in English using the contact form.

Online Store
that sells tools, materials and books for making eraser stamps,
original goods designed by Tomoko Tsukui.

International shipping is also available.
Please contact us from the contact form .



2012 “Stamp Show Hong Kong” (Gallery Petit Morpho, Hong Kong)
2012 “JAPAN EXPO Paris 2012” (Paris), Foire Europiennne (Strasbourg)
2013 “LIFE, ART Tour Exhibition” (Traveling exhibition in Asia: Shenzhen and Shanghai, China; Singapore; Hong Kong; Tokyo)
2013 “Tsukui Tomoko Exhibition” (Palette Gallery, Tokyo)
2015 “Tsukui Tomoko Exhibition in Atami” (Kiunkaku, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Major Publications Keshigomu hanko

[Eraser Stamps](Shufu no tomosha) Mata mata, keshigomu hanko
[Eraser Stamps, Again](Shufu no tomosha) Keshigomu hanko de nengajo
[Making New Year’s Cards with Eraser Stamps](Shufu no tomosha) Retoro kawaii keshigomu
[Cute, Retro Eraser Stamps](Shufu no tomosha) Keshigomu hanko de kisetsu no goaisatsu
[Making Season’s Greeting Cards with Eraser Stamps](Shufu no tomosha) Keshigomu hanko saijiki mo
[The Seasonal Almanac with Eraser Stamps] (Daiwa shobo) Keshigomu hanko hajimemashite
[Introducing Eraser Stamps] (Daiwa shobo) Kantan, keshigomu hanko
[Eraser-carved Stamps Made Simple] (Takarajimasha) Keshigomu hanko de okurimono
[Gifts Made From Eraser Stamps (Takarajimasha) Keshigomu hotoke hanko
[Eraser stamps of the Buddha], Co-written with Asado Kojun, (Seibundo shinkosha) A new book is forthcoming from Kodansha in 2017.

Interior Design

2014 Stucco Wall for “The Crane Room” of the Villa Sacra Guest House (Kamakura)
2014 Wall fresco for the book and video store, TSUTAYA (Fukuoka City)
2015 Wall fresco for two “concept rooms” in Hotel Micuras (Atami City)
2015 Wall fresco, Pizzeria 26 (Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture)
2016 Wall fresco for the interior of the Tokai Kisen Co. high-speed jet ferry, “Seven Island Ai”

Public Demonstrations

2013 Atelier MUJI (Harbourcity, Hong Kong)
2014 PARCO (Fukuoka City)


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